Our achievements has been gained in over 15 years of experience in construction and EPC international projects such as telecommunication towers, international stadiums, subway and metro, oil and gas.
Our filed of interests are: project management service to plan and facilitate bottlenecks for project managers, leading a project technical team in engineering, procurement and construction phases, control and monitoring project statistics to avoid facing with deviations or to manage preventive actions.

Saipa Diesel Automotive

Commercial Manager

Company profile: Saipa Diesel is the largest local trucks and heavy duty vehicles manufacturer in Iran based in Tehran, Which owned by Saipa Group Co. and work as one of its subsidiaries.
The company have active partnership with Volvo Trucks, Dongfeng Co. and Foton Co. as main suppliers to deliver CKD parts from Sweden and China into its factory and assemble in Iran.
Disciplines: Procuring and purchasing parts of vehicles listed below based on MRP:
•    Volvo FH500 & FH460 trucks.
•    Volvo FMX & FMR trucks.
•    Dongfeng KX480 & KT460 trucks.
•    Foton Aumark Mini trucks.

The parts that my department has responsible to procure are listed below:
•    Tires, rims and wheels.
•    Batteries, GPSs and Radios.
•    Guards and body parts.
•    Suspension and Steering Parts.

No. of Colleagues under my authority: 21 People