Legal Advising

Investing in Private and public sectors requires different data and Legal knowledge to pass obstacles. But all mentioned data can be changed in situation of any country specially Iran.

We can provide Legal advice to reduce the risk of any kind of conflicts and risk.
For example:
1- Administrative Law: We have a group of professionals in public procurement, licenses and authorizations. Available technicians to offer the processing services to the public Administrations, and to give advising service on administrative resources.
2- Civil Law: Advice and management of issues of civil liability, contracting, succession rights, and creation of foundations and associations.
3- Commercial Law: Advice on expansion operations, capital reduction and its constitution, mergers, dissolutions, acquisitions and legal review in banking and government matters. Creation of national and international associations, partnerships, assistance to the board of directors, internationalization, bankruptcy law, succession of family businesses, and legal advice to company staff like directors, shareholders, advisers and administrators.
4- Criminal and financial tax law: Tax management, accounting and tax control, and administration with banks, optimizing payments by accessing bonuses and exemptions if any.
5- Real estate law: We manage for companies the urban contracts, the financing of real estate projects, the responsibility, leases, community owners, urban audits, authorizations and licenses; always within the law.